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The Candidate Company is committed to ensure that when we collect our data, use and store personal information that and is dealt with in a confidential manner in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). We will not disclose your sensitive information without your consent unless there is a need to, in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Collection of Personal Information

The Candidate Company will require your personal information during the course of dealing with you if you are being considered for a position.

  • Your full Name
  • Proof of ID (Passport)
  • Contact Details
  • Employment History
  • Skills/Qualifications (copy of Degree if required)

We may also collect information you have given us when:

  • Contacting us to report a problem with our website or making enquiries
  • Requesting further services on our website

We may also require references if you are being considered for a position. Failure to provide the information listed above, will limit our abilities to either source or be able to consider/recommend you for potential job opportunities/positions.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The Candidate Company holds, uses and discloses your personal information for the purpose disclosed at the time of collection, or as otherwise set out in this Privacy Policy. Generally, we will only use and disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Provide our services to you
  • Potential Employers – clients may be based outside of Australia and New Zealand
  • Referee’s
  • To maintain our business relationship with you as a Client or Candidate
  • To trusted External Providers if required eg psychometric evaluations or skills tests, contractors and Suppliers – IT Contractor, internet service supplier and database designers. These third parties must comply with similar undertakings or privacy and confidentiality as The Candidate Company
  • Answer your inquiry
  • We may also seek your consent to collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information for any other purpose not listed above.

We will only keep personal information for the purpose it was collected. The Candidate Company will not disclose your information without your consent, unless required by law enforcement authorities if they require us to do so. 


The Candidate Company takes reasonable steps to keep personal information secure, accurate and up to date. The internet is not always a secure method of transmitting information.

Access of Personal Information

Under the Privacy Act, access to personal information that is held or requires updating can be requested by contacting our Managing Director Michele Gurunlian on (07) 3012 6519. We are legally permitted to provide/amend this information if it’s on our records, but we may refuse your request and give you reasons for doing so. To protect your privacy, you will be required to put your request in writing along with proof of identity (eg Passport, Driver’s License). You may also request that The Candidate Company delete your file, please be aware that we may not be required or able to do so, particularly where your file also holds information about our clients. 


This statement applies to personal information collected by The Candidate Company website

The Candidate Company is bound by the National Privacy and Principles (NPP) in the Privacy Act 1998, which regulates how organisations may collect, use, disclose and store personal information and how individuals may access and correct persona information held about them.

Personal Information

The Candidate Company provides a general summary about our services and collects personal information in a fair and lawful way. We are committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our website and take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is kept confidential and secure. However, the internet is not always reliable so we won’t accept the responsibility or liability for the security of information we send or receive.

Release of Information

Personal information maybe released when required to, or permitted by law. However personal information will not be used for any purpose not related to the services we provide, or for any purpose which is not reasonably expected from us. We do not sell, rent or least our client or customer information to third parties.

Use of Information

Personal Information is only used and disclosed by The Candidate Company for purposes that are related to its core business functions.

Access and Amendment

Under the Privacy Act access to personal information that we hold or the need to amend can be requested, just contact us online or call our Managing Director Michele Gurunlian on (07) 3012 6519. We’ll provide it as long as we have such information.


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